ITD Emotion nightlight 


The course Integrated technology design (ITD) is a compulsory course of the master Design for Interaction. In this course students are asked to solve a problem for a specific user group, by creating a interactive product. Emphasis in this course lays on rapid prototyping and user testing.

The user group for this project was a single parent with a busy job. These users often want to spend more quality time with their children. To support this wish a design was created that makes it easier for parents to connect with their child during the bed-time-ritual. The age group of their children was chosen to be 5 - 10 years old. 

The concept of the 'Emotion nightlight was created. This lamp has five buttons which show different emotions. Before going to sleep the parent can ask their child to press a button that represented their experienced emotion of that day. Based on the emotion the nightlight will light up in a specific colour and will glow for 5 minutes. In this time the parent and child can talk about the experiences during the day which led to the felt emotion.

The lamp comes with a set of 24 emotion buttons which can be changed by the parent. This supports the process of learning about emotions and can help children with specific negative emotions to talk about them with their parents. 

User testing showed that the concept of the nightlight encouraged users to talk about their felt emotions and thereby increased the quality of the time spent together. 

Project teamsize: 4 members

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